Production of exclusive dresses would not lead to fame in the lack of the appeal of manual work on each of its stages. Certainly, it takes a hard work and lots of time, but this is the postulate for the birth of "luxury" fashion class. The use of unique materials, the original formulation of designers, decorating elegant accessories can produce dresses for women with elegant taste.

The state-of-art equipment from the Japanese, German and American manufacturers is introduced in the manufacture of VNine collections which are internationally recognized leaders in their field. They allow for yielding high results, even in dealing with such capricious materials like silk, velvet.

Self-cultivation of a fashion designer is of vital importance in the world of fashion. This is precisely why designers of VNine frequently participate in fashion shows. People, who are involved in working to create VNine collections, are in fact masters of their work. More than 60 professionals in the capacity of designers, constructors, tailors, seamstresses are working hard to make the original ideas have been correctly implemented.