In 2012, on the basis of functioning in Baku factory making uniforms pioneered a new unit, choosing a fashion tenor which brought into being a national brand of women's clothing class of "lux» - VNine.

To date, VNine offers exclusive evening apparels and dresses in the style of «casual», women's shoes and various accessories to ladies' clothes. VNine is appreciated for originality, quality and exclusivity.

Gaining many loyal followers at a short notice, inspired VNine to further develop production, presented to snappy dressers next collection.

The rich spiritual heritage of Azerbaijan facilitates a huge space for creativity, allowing one to translate new ideas and concepts into reality. In spring 2014 VNine won first place in the category "National clothes in the international fashion show in Baku." Bright oriental flavor that was demonstrated in the present nomination for this collection reflects the robes worn in times of the existence of the Azerbaijani khanates.